a New Years message from our Dutch friends

First of all the best wishes for 2017

The dates for the 2017 DQTC are:

1. Almere Regatta, May 20 - 21 @ Muiderzand, Lake Markermeer close to Amsterdam
2. Open Dutch 1/4 Ton Champs 2017, June 16 - 18 @ Lelystad, Lake IJsselmeer close to Amsterdam
3. Deltaweekend, June 23 - 25 @ Colijnsplaat, Lake Oosterschelde, Zeeland, down South
4. Hollandsche Delta 1/4 Ton Regatta, Juli 1 - 2 @ Willemstad, close to Colijnsplaat
5. Pampus Regatta, September 9 - 10 @ Durgerdam, Lake Markermeer close to Amsterdam

I already had contact with Robert Stweart (HELLABY) and Diarmid de Burgh-Milne (PROTIS). They maybe also want to come over for an event. I think the three day event in Colijnsplaat one week after Le Havre would be nice. Lake Oosterschelde is a great place to race!

Over here we sail under ORC, but my collegue of the rating departement of the Royal Netherlands Yachting Union (where I work) can offer help!

Maybe good to know that most of the Dutch 1/4 ton boats are family cruisers also used for racing... There will be a difference in speed between the optimized IRC racers and most of 'our boats'....

Hope you can post the dates on www.quartertonclass.org
Feel free to contact me if you have more questions!


Hylke Steensma
Dutch 1/4 ton fleet